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EC2 Mongodb speed

I wanted to see how fast mongodb is before I started using it. So I wrote a small test to take an apache log and dump it into a mongodb database. I wrote everything in C++ to see how fast I could get it and here are my results:

Number of entries in apache.log 19,220,478
AMI: ami-4a0df923
Operating System: Ubuntu 10.04
EC2 Size: xlarge
Mongodb: stable 1.6.5 

I use my Profiler.h program to profile just the execution of reading the file and inserting into the mongodb. Here is my output and you can see I achieved ~19 million inserts in less than 5 min. Would love to see your results.

main() started
the env is in dev mode
connected ok
CPU Calculation: 682,968,964,864
Time took 257.00 seconds.
count of logs.ip: 19,220,478
main() completed